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erbe care sunt folosite numai cu infinitivul:afford, agree, aim, appear, arrange, ask, attempt, care, choose, claim, consent, dare, decide, decline, demand, desire, determine, endeavour, expect, fail, fight, grow, guarantee, happen, hasten, help, hesitate, hope, learn, long, manage, neglect, offer, plan, pledge, prepare, pretend, proceed, promise, prove, reckon, refuse, resolve, scorn, seek, seem, strive, struggle, swear, tend, threaten, trouble, undertake, venture, volunteer, vote, vow, wait, wish, would like

. Verbe care sunt folosite numai cu forma cu ING:
admit, adore, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, celebrate, consider, contemplate, defend, defer, delay, deny, detest, describe, discuss, dislike, endure, enjoy, escape, excuse, explain, face, fancy, feel like, finish, forgive, give up, imagine, involve, keep, lie, loathe, mention, mind, miss, pardon, postpone, practise, prevent, quit, recall, recollect, report, resent, resist, risk, save, suggest, tolerate, understand can’t help, can’t resist, can’t stand, it’s no use, there is no point/ sense in, it’s worth

 Lista de verbe dupa care poate veni un verb si la infinitiv si la forma cu ING:
advise, allow, attempt, begin, bother, cease, come, continue, deserve, dread, fear, forbid, forget, go on, hate, hear, intend, like, love, mean, need, permit, prefer, propose, recommend, regret, remember, require, see, start, stop, try, want, be afraid (of/to), be ashamed (of/to), be sorry(for/to), can't bear, can't stand, care (for/to)

358. Desi aceste verbe permit ambele forme sensul celor doua forme cateodata difera.
He forgot to learn - A uitat sa invete
He forgot learning - A uitat ca a invatat
He remembered to pay - A tinut minte sa plateasca
He remembered paying - Si-a amintit ca a platit
She stopped to talk - S-a oprit sa vorbeasca
She stopped talking - S-a oprit din vorbit
I like to ski - Im place sa schiez
I like skiing - Imi place schiatul

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