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Verbele neregulate din limba engleza

Lista verbe neregulate (Iregular verbs)

Past tense = Trecutul simplu
Past participe = Participiul trecut

to be = a fiwas, werebeen
to bear = a purtaboreborne, born
to beat = a batebeatbeaten
to become = a devenibecamebecome
to begin = a incepebeganbegun
to bend = a indoibentbent
to bind = a legaboundbound
to bite = a muscabitbitten
to bleed = a sangerabledblen
to blow = a suflablewblown
to break = a spargebrokebroken
to breed = a creste (educa)bredbred
to bring = a aducebroughtbrought
to build = a construibuiltbuilt
to burn = a ardeburntburnt
to burst = a izbucni, a explodaburstburst
to buy = a cumparaboughtbought
to catch = a prindecaughtcaught
to choose = a alegechosechosen
to come = a venicamecome
to cost = a costacostcost
to creep = a se tara, a se furisacreptcrept
to cut = a taiacutcut
to deal = a imparti, a distribuidealtdealt
to dig = a sapadugdug
to dive = a (se) scufunda, a sari in apadived /dovedived
to do = a facediddone
to draw = a trage, a desenadrewdrawn
to dream = a visadreamtdreamt
to drink = a beadrankdrunk
to drive = a conducedrovedriven
to eat = a mancaateeaten
to fall = a cadeafellfallen
to feed = a hranifedfed
to feel = a simtifeltfelt
to fight = a luptafoughtfought
to find = a gasifoundfound
to fly = a zburaflewflown
to forbid = a interziceforbadeforbidden
to forget = a uitaforgotforgotten
to forgive = a iertaforgaveforgiven
to freeze = a inghetafrozefrozen
to get = a obtinegotgot, gotten
to give = a dagavegiven
to go = a mergewentgone
to grow = a crestegrewgrown
to hang = a atarnahunghung
to have = a aveahadhad
to hear = a auziheardheard
to hide = a ascundehidhidden
to hit = a lovi, a izbihithit
to hold = a tineheldheld
to hurt = a ranihurthurt
to keep = a tine, a pastrakeptkept
to kneel = a ingenuncheakneltknelt
to know = a sti, a cunoasteknewknown
to lay = a intinde, a culcalaidlaid
to lead = a conduceledled
to lean = a (se) sprijinileantleant
to leap = a sarileaptleapt
to learn = a invatalearnt, learnedlearnt, learned
to leave = a plecaleftleft
to lend = a da ccu imprumutlentlent
to let = a permite, a lasaletlet
to lie = a se intindelaylain
to light = a aprindelit, lightedlit, lighted
to lose = a pierdelostlost
to make = a facemademade
to mean = a insemnameantmeant
to mow = a cosi, a seceramowedmown
to meet = a intalnimetmet
to pay = a platipaidpaid
to put = a puneputput
to read = a citireadread
to ride = a calariroderidden
to ring = a sunarangrung
to rise = a rasari, a se ridicaroserisen
to run = a alergaranrun
to say = a spune, a zicesaidsaid
to see = a vedeasawseen
to seek = a cautasoughtsought
to sell = a vindesoldsold
to send = a trimitesentsent
to set = a apune, a punesetset
to sew = a coasesewedsewn
to shake = a scuturashookshaken
to shine = a stralucishoneshone
to shoot = a impuscashotshot
to show = a aratashowedshown
to shrink = a se micsorashrankshrunk
to shut = a (se) inchideshutshut
to sing = a cantasangsung
to sink = a (se) scufundasanksunk
to sit = a sedea, a sta jossatsat
to sleep = a dormisleptslept
to slide = a alunecaslidslid
to smell = a mirosismeltsmelt
to sow = a semana, a insamantasowedsown
to speak = a vorbispokespoken
to spell = a silabisi; a vrajispeltspelt
to spend = a petrecespentspent
to spill = a varsaspiltsplit
to spin = a roti, a rasucispunspun
to spread = a raspandispreadspread
to stand = a sta in picioarestoodstood
to steal = a furastolestolen
to stick = a (se) lipistuckstuck
to sting = a intepastungstung
to stink = a mirosi uratstankstank
to stride = a pasi cu pasi maristrodestridden
to strike = a lovistruckstruck
to strive = a nazui, a se sfortastrovestriven
to swear = a jura, a injurasworesworn
to sweep = a maturasweptswept
to swim = a inotaswamswum
to take = a luatooktaken
to teach = a invata pe cinevataughttaught
to tear = a rupetoretorn
to tell = a spune, a povestitoldtold
to think = a crede, a se gandithoughtthought
to throw = a aruncathrewthrown
to understand = a intelegeunderstoodunderstood
to wake = a (se) sculawoke, wakedwoken, waked
to wear = a purtaworeworn
to weave = a tesewovewoven
to weep = a plangeweptwept
to win = a castigawonwon
to wind = a (se) rasuciwoundwound
to write = a scriewrotewritten

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