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Propozita de scop (clauses of purpose)

We use certain clauses to show why somebody does something. These are called clauses of purpose. They are introduced with the following words or expressions:

to + infinitive; David went out to buy a bottle of wine.
in order to/so as to + infinitive (formal); We were asked to say over in order to finish the project.
so that + can/will – used for a present or future reference; Here’s my number so that you can call me if you have a problem.
so that +could/would – used for a past reference; We left early so that we would be able to park close to the stadium.
in case + present tense – present or future reference – Take your hat in case it gets too hot.
in case + past tense – used for past reference – We took an umbrella in case it rained.
for + noun – used to express purpose – We went out for a pizza.
for + -ing – used to express purpose and/or function of something – This function on the air conditioner is for reducing humidity.


For negative purpose we use:
in order not to/so as not to + infinitive – we walked in quietly so as not to wake up the children.
prevent + noun/pronoun + from + ing – I parked the car under a tree to prevent it from getting too hot.

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